DoroGerman metal queen Doro Pesch is celebrating her 25th anniversary of performing! The prolific metal songbird, also known for her work in Warlock, has achieved an additional monolithic career milestone by performing her 2,500th show in March of this year.

But it wasn't Doro herself who was keeping count. It was her legion of die-hard fans. "The fans were saying it was almost 2,500 concerts," Doro told Noisecreep. "Some of the fans keep track, and I wasn't even aware of that. And I thought, 'Maybe we can do a big celebration!'"

The celebration was epic, as Doro performed for three hours and 15 minutes. But that's not even a record in the Doro camp. She said, "The longest show, we played three and a half hours last year on the 25th anniversary. I never thought we would be around this long when I first started. I thought maybe a couple years, but 26 years later and 2,504 concerts already? It feels great, and I must say the fans are so supportive all these years and that is the reason I am still motivated!"

For her anniversary shows, Doro asked fans to take to the interwebs to request songs. "After two and a half hours, I thought, 'Wow, we still have 12 or 13 more songs to play,'" she laughed. I chatted with her when she was in New Jersey, working on the sound mix for a DVD of the 25th anniversary show, which is due out in October. The DVD will feature the entirety of the show, plus a disc of highlights and bonus features.

With over 2,500 shows in the rear view, Doro has enough gas in her tank to go the distance to 5,000 shows. "If the fans want to see it, I would love it. The 3,000 show mark is what we want to celebrate! But as long as it is fun and the party keeps up, I would love it," she said.