Devil is a band that I was curious about when I first moved to Oslo. I would always see Stian Fossum (guitars) out and about and I was told he played in a really great doom rock band, Devil. The name was simple enough so I went ahead and downloaded a few tracks from their 2011 album, Time to Repent. I was impressed considering that doom rock is usually not really my thing. If I had to describe their sound, its a cross between Ghost B.C. and Electric Wizard.

Last year, Devil issued a compilation called Magister Mundi Xum / The Noble Savage out on vinyl which features their demos. They just released Gather the Sinners, their sophomore album, and it's available from Soulseller Records here.

Since I was at the Inferno Festival this past weekend, I got a chance to speak with Devil singer Joachim Trangsrud and Stian Fossum, the aforementioned guitarist.

In our new video interview, Devil discuss their plans for 2013, their daily lives and other random bits and pieces. Hopefully, we get to see them stateside soon.


Watch Jasmin's Chat with Devil at Inferno Festival 2013

Listen to Devil's 'Southern Sun'

Stay tuned for more video coverage from Inferno Festival 2013!

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