If you were in Europe this past weekend, Inferno Festival 2013 was the place to be this Easter!

Instead of spending a traditional Easter in California, I decided to go back to cold Oslo, Norway to see my friends, and most of all, to celebrate a very "black" Easter at the famed festival, which had one of the best lineups in their decade-plus history.

This was my 3rd Inferno Festival visit and while I understand that the event was geared primarily towards the Norweigan black metal bands, it was nice to the promoters also invite veteran acts like Suffocation, Deicide and Moonspell on the bill, as well as younger thrash metal bands such as Warpath from Ireland and another great new band, Iskald.

Dark Funeral has been one of my favorite bands for many years now. I remembered seeing them play a few years ago in Los Angeles, but catching them at Inferno Festival this year was even a better treat. Despite the recent tragic loss of former guitarist Blackmoon, the Stockholm black metallers put on a great show. I had the chance to catch up with Lord Ahriman to discuss the latest album, Angelus Exuro pro Eternus, and their future plans.

Watch Jasmin's Chat with Dark Funeral's Lord Ahriman

We apologize for the buzzing sound in the background. We didn't catch it while we were filming.

Stay tuned for more video coverage from Inferno Festival 2013!

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