Noisecreep friend Jasmin St. Claire -- a former adult film star and consummate metal fan who can be seen at metal concerts in whatever city she's in -- is releasing her first book, 'What the Hell Was I Thinking: Confessions of the World's Most Controversial Sex Symbol' on Oct. 31.

"Finally!! I never thought I would see the day that the book would come out, and I still cannot believe that I have my life in pages for the whole world to see," St. Claire told Noisecreep. "I'm excited and look forward to everyone reading what has been one strange but adventure-filled life. I swear you could never make this stuff up. What you will read is 100 percent real."

You can nab a copy of 'What the Hell Was I Thinking,' but you can also enjoy a sneak peak with this exclusive excerpt of the book right here on Noisecreep.

Enjoy the following passages, where Jasmin talks about loving Cannibal Corpse and attending Columbia University. Seriously, you cannot make this shit up!

"I looked up to my mom back then, and as I mentioned before, she remained my best friend throughout those early years, her and my first cat, a little gray tabby I got from the ASPCA that I named Scooter. I really like animals. I always had a soft spot for them. Once in a while, my mom would let me have a day off from school, just for being good, and would take me shopping. My mom was defi nitely the closest one to me back then, because she was really the only other person I had around me

that whole time. Every single weekend, for instance, we had a routine where we'd go see a matinee movie or play, then go to Howard Johnson's in Times Square, and I'd always have the clam strips and a milk shake.

"From seeing all the theater I did when I was a kid too, it might surprise you, but I never had an interest in acting that stemmed from that. In fact, when I was a little kid, I wanted to be a Veterinarian when I grew up. I had no interest in acting, though I did take ballet classes as a child. I never wanted to do acting, because I was always smart, and thought I didn't need it. In fact, I did drama one year and didn't like it, I didn't like the people I worked with, and this was at the Anglo-American school. It was ironic, because I went to summer school and different classes after my regular school day was over all during my formative years, and NOT because I needed to catch up, but because I was ahead. I was taking AP language classes, and different courses too advanced to be offered at the school I was at. I never liked the social scenes at most of the schools I attended. I hated the petty cliques, and was always more interested in excelling, or going to France for the summer to learn in French.

"Most people who know me today wouldn't believe that, but I was very quiet as a kid. I was a nerd -- a HOT nerd, but a nerd for sure. I played recorder and guitar in junior high, but I wanted to play drums because I loved the Go Go's back then. Mainly, I liked heavy metal -- it represented the dark side of things, which I was really attracted to. My first two concerts were Black Sabbath and Carcass, but Iron Maiden was hands down my favorite band back then -- Eddie was my icon. My mom thought it was weird, but didn't see it as a hostile thing until I started hanging out with these long haired guys. She never knew I went to rock shows, I had to sneak out. My dating life was even more pathetic at first, because my mom watched me like a hawk, and I really didn't start seriously dating till I was 16...


Jasmin St. Claire on Noisecreep's ''Creep Show'

"My best friend in high school was a girl named Penny, and we were both disciples of metal. We had French together, and had met in a study group. She was Greek American, very pretty with long black hair, and I knew she smoked pot, which intrigued me. One day after school she invited me to go home with her and I tried pot with her. We looked like twins, and both wore black, matching Bowler hats, which were the 'in' thing back then. We both loved metal competitively, and would go to see everyone together. We saw Carcass, Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Warlock, Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Cannibal Corpse, Megadeth and others. We would sneak off to the Garden, Irving Plaza, the Beacon Theater and CBGB where they had matinee shows.

"Because we spent so much of high school going out to rock and metal shows, our routine was: I would tell my mom I was at her house, and we'd sneak out instead. Looking back, it was typical teenage stuff to me. Naturally my mother would have seen it differently, as evinced by the MUCH harder time she gave where dating guys was concerned. Because of that, I definitely discovered guys well before I was publicly dating them. I loved metal heads from the get-go. I felt they were much better looking than any stupid pop star. I liked the music, the guitars; the harshness -- everything there was to like about heavy metal. I dug the anger in the music, I thought it was awesome, and I related to it as well but who didn't as a kid. The first guys I really flirted with dating at that age were the guys at the metal shows, even though I was still too shy to speak to anyone. I thought a lot of the guys who went to metal shows were cute, but I was also scared of them because many of them were f---ed up. I would hang out in places like Hell's Kitchen, later on in high school, but I was always at the shows - and believe it or not, always went straight home afterward.

"In terms of my shyness, it got better as I got later into my teens because I took a non-matriculated public speaking course independently at Columbia University while I was still in high school. That definitely helped me to learn to speak up for myself. I focused pretty heavily on languages in high school, and thought at one point about teaching. While was still in high school, I had also taught in an after-school program called 'Art Without Walls,' which I really liked, and was a really great nonprofit organization. My best friend's mother ran that whole program, so I taught."

You can read more about Jasmin St. Claire's zany, metallic life by picking up 'What the Hell Was I Thinking.' I can't put it down.