Mosh warriors Destruction of a Rose will release 'American Hell' through BlkHeart Group on Aug. 10. The album will be available at Hot Topic stores and online platforms.

'American Hell' looks at the personal hells that Americans find themselves grappling with and converts that common notion into blood-boiling metal. "The biggest sign of American hell, in my eyes, is depression and insecurity," singer EJ Salazar told Noisecreep. "A lot of people have lost faith in the government and ultimately themselves, or personal issues. I think instead of worrying about the problems and just identifying them and dwelling on them, we should be finding answers and having faith in ourselves to deal and overcome our obstacles."

Musically, this 'American Hell' represents a more "grown up sound and a lot more depth in the lyrics, an overall step forward in solidifying the DOAR sound and future," Salazar, who is a self-described "damn good athlete," also said, offering a glimpse into the band's sonic direction. He says they specifically dropped their guitar tuning to B so that they sound heavier, and "that we've taken our writing process and made it a bit simpler, and stopped worrying about what part goes where, and let our music flow the way we felt. There are some more Aouthern rock influence as well. I think the sound will stand out in metal." The band will be touring nonstop in support of 'American Hell,' too.

And what about that whole being a damn good athlete thing? Turns out, that's not ego talking. Salazar played football for years and turned down the college football world in favor of music. He also said, "The Pittsburgh Steelers are my life." Given the recent allegations laid star QB Ben Roethlisberger's door, it's good that Salazar is one of the Steeler faithful.

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