"Working with Tim and that whole studio was amazing," Destruction of a Rose vocalist Evan Foxx told Noisecreep about his band's experiences with As I Lay Dying vocalist and noted producer in his own right, Tim Lambsesis. "The guys there are so personable and professional, and we have a blast there. They really know how to get your music tight and give advice when needed. I wasn't really surprised at how thorough they were or how amazing they were. I look at their track record.

"On top of all the great albums, they've also got a Grammy nod under their belt. We were just really stoked to be working with such great guys. We will definitely be sticking with Lambesis Studios for quite some time; they make you feel very comfortable and are goofballs like all of us, and when you're in the studio for weeks at a time, it's important to have those kinds of relationships."

The band's quirky name -- which reminded us of Seal's soundtrack single 'Kiss From a Rose' -- is also a subject of some interest. "Ummm, no, I have never heard that before," Foxx said when probed about the Seal reference. "We do get a lot of things and a lot of other types of moving our words or letters in the band name around. The funniest to me is 'Reduction of a Nose,' given to us by a buddy, on account of [guitarist] Nick's oversized schnoz!"

The band will release 'Suspended in Time' via Standby Records.

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