Earlier this month, hardcore punk heroes Death by Stereo revealed that they had signed with Viking Funeral Records, the label co-founded by Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge. It was also announced that 'Black Sheep of the American Dream,' Death by Stereo's sixth full-length studio album, is set for a spring 2012 release.

One of the most consistently thrilling bands in the hardcore and punk arenas, Death by Stereo get a lot of airplay in the Noisecreep offices and we're honored that they've chosen us to premiere a track from their forthcoming album. 'WTF Is Going on Around Here' is the kind of adrenaline-laced track we've come to expect from the Southern California greats.

In the beginning of Suicidal Tendencies' fantastic 'You Can't Bring Me Down' single [1990], vocalist Mike Muir screams out, "What the hell's going on around here?" Noisecreep asked Death by Stereo frontman Efrem Schulz if had drawn inspiration for 'WTF Is Going on Around Here' from S.T.: "Mike Muir is a big inspiration to me in so many ways. So I guess that would be a yes. I always thought that it was a question that he asked that had always gone unanswered. I need to know as well. People just keep letting themselves get steam rolled by the powers that be over and over again. When are we going stand up?"

Listen to 'WTF Is Going on Around Here" From Death by Stereo

Schultz continues on the subject of rebellion: "In new songs like 'WTF Is Going on Around Here' and 'Growing Numb' I touch on these subjects. In everyday life we get slapped numb by the government, police, media, ect. We need to take this numbness and use it to our advantage. Once you are beaten down for so long you can't feel the pain any longer. It's time to take this and use it, fight back, hit twice as hard. They can't win forever. All empires must fall. They soon will feel our rage as a people.

"The country is at a boiling point. I mean come on, when even the "Abercrombie zombies" are ready to protest (occupy), something is going on here. Once we all realize that we are one world and not just one country we can truly change things as a people. Everyone has been so focused on the "America is number one!" attitude for so long with the country slipping further and further into chaos. I think people will realize that the "world" is number one. And human kind needs to stand up. I know I have gotten off on to a bit of a tangent but I just need to speak my mind. Back to Suicidal, they are amazing and have been so good to us for so many years now. Taken us under their wing and showed us how it's done! Can't wait to hit the road with them again sometime!"

Death by Stereo's 'Black Sheep of the American Dream' will be out this spring. The band is currently out as direct support for Agnostic Front's Hardcore Worldwide European tour with Naysayer:

Feb 27 - Lindau, Germany @ Vaudville w/ Agnostic Front

Feb 28 - Schweinfurt, Germany @ Alter Stattbahnhof w/ Agnostic Front

Feb 29 - Hamburg, Germany @ Kaiserkeller w/ Agnostic Front

Mar 01 - Magdeburg, Germany @ Factory w/ Agnostic Front

Mar 02 - Brochum, Germany @ Matrix w/ Agnostic Front

Mar 03 - Mons, Belgium @ Maximum HXC @ On Air Studio w/ Agnostic Front

Mar 04 - Den Bosch, Netherlands @ W2 Poppodium w/ Agnostic Front

Mar 10 - Las Vegas, NV @ Aruba

Mar 20 - Tucson, AZ @ Surly Wench Pub

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