Atreyu drummer Brandon Saller has been singing from behind his kit and playing guitar behind the scenes for over a decade. Now, he's finally ready to take center stage. Tonight, Saller will perform his first ever solo show at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, Calif.

"It's the club where Atreyu first started," Saller told Noisecreep. "Some of our first shows were there and it's a classic hometown venue, so I'm really excited. With Atreyu, I love playing drums and I love singing. But it's gonna be a big departure for me to get out there and be in front with just a guitar and a microphone."

Saller will be playing with an all-star band that includes Good Charlotte guitarist Billy Martin, Aquabats guitarist Ian Fowler (ex-Death by Stereo, ex-Further Seems Forever) and Dead Country drummer Jarrod Alexander (ex-Death by Stereo, ex-A Static Lullaby).

"It's this dream team of musicians that I've rallied up," enthused Saller. "I've looked up to Jarrod almost my whole life, and Billy's my good friend, and he's just great. Ian is just an incredible player as well who I've also looked up to most of my life."

The show will feature songs Saller wrote over the past two years when he wasn't working on Atreyu tunes. He describes the music as "a slightly darker, classic Americana style of rock" with some "Foo Fighters moments" thrown in.

"Most of my focus and time is obviously spent with Atreyu," he said. "But whenever one of those moments would hit me that wasn't an Atreyu moment, I'd go with it. It's definitely a different sound and a different outlet, and I'm definitely really proud of it."

Before booking the Chain Reaction show, Saller recorded "about an EP's worth of songs" in the studio, and when Atreyu have some down time during their current tour for 'Congregation of the Damned,' the drummer plans to work on more songs. "I'll probably record the rest of the album and put it out some time shortly after this Atreyu cycle is done with and see where it goes," he said. "Atreyu will always be my main priority, but I really enjoy making songs by myself."

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