In our second of four updates from Darkest Hour about the behind-the-scenes happenings during their Legacy Tour, singer John Henry checked in discussed how the band spent their Thanksgiving. He also revealed that they may have met their biggest fan at a stop in Pomona, Calif.

"For Thanksgiving, we went to our booking agent Ash's house and he had a bunch of bands stopping through L.A. on tour, so it was a big rager over in Sherman Oaks," Henry deadpanned to Noisecreep. "It was a big house party with bands from our tour. Emmure was there, too."

It was also a "pretty intoxicated Thanksgiving," Henry said. "I think it's a holiday of indulgence and a celebration of excess and harvest, so we did it up and had a serious spread, with lots of dead animals, beer, liquor, raging."

Ragers on this tour are not limited to Thanksgiving day bashes, either. Henry said the band had a crazy party on the bus the other night, which consisted of people packed on the tour vehicle, cranking tunes and singing along. Drummer Ryan Parrish usually does a stage dive off the counter, and Henry admitted that guitarist Mike "Lonestar" Carrigan "runs around naked. Ryan used to be that guy; now it's Lonestar. He has passed the torch on."

Henry also said that Darkest Hour, which are going on 15 years, aren't weirded out by seeing each other streak. "We all know what wiener looks like," he joked. "We are comfortable with our sexuality."

On the Pomona stop of the Legacy Tour, a fan came up to the band and showed that he had the Darkest Hour logo tattooed on his forearm. Said fan got the band to sign his arm near the tattoo, and you can guess what happened next. The following day, the band got an e-mail with a photo of this zealous fan getting their autographs permanently inked onto his skin.

"He may be the biggest Darkest Hour fan, even though other fans might debate that," Henry said about the impulse ink. "I hope in 10 years he doesn't get it covered with an Aerosmith tattoo or something!"