Washington, D.C. metal export Darkest Hour have partnered up with Noisecreep to premiere 'Savor the Kill,' a boot-to-the-throat song from their forthcoming eOne debut, 'The Human Romance.' The song is everything we know and love about Darkest Hour -- melodic guitars with a hint of Swedish influence, guttural vocal emissions and complex parts, namely the mid-section in this particular song -- but it's not a retread of their past.

The band continues to push forward and surprises us at every musical turn. If this is a taste of what else is to come on 'The Human Romance,' something tells me we are going to be very giddy metalheads when the album streets next month.

Listen to 'Savor the Kill'

'Savor the Kill' strikes deadly force upon its listener -- in the best possible way. Who knew that a band this serious and intense about their art could be so much fun offstage?

Well, Noisecreep knows what a riot Darkest Hour are. That's especially true after we posted a series of 'Legacy' tour updates from the band last fall, like their recollection of Thanksgiving or the story of their epic battle with their former bus driver.

'The Human Romance' hits stores Feb. 22 via eOne.

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