If you couldn't get enough of the thrashtastic sounds of Darkest Hour's latest album, 'The Human Romance,' which was the Washington, DC band's first effort for eOne, the band will further indulge your taste with a fully instrumental version of the album, available on iTunes.

Darkest Hour guitarist Mike Schleibaum explained the reasoning behind the vocal-less release, saying, "Attention geeks, shredders, stem junkies and Karaoke fanatics. We're very stoked to offer you the instrumental version of 'The Human Romance.' Feel free to download away and enjoy. If you haven't had a chance to pick up the record then, by all means, start with the version that has our very own John Henry singing on it. After all it ain't the DH with out the JH. These instrumentals will take you on one hell of an epic sonic journey so pick em both up, learn these words and scream your ass off with us at the shows!"

If we're to take Schleibaum's word for it, the instrumental version seems designed to serve as a companion to the original, giving diehards a chance to experience the album in another way.

Watch 'Savor the Kill' from Darkest Hour

Even if you don't pick up the instrumental version, you should check out Darkest Hour on tour as part of Summer Slaughter.

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