Every week for the next month, Darkest Hour will check in with Noisecreep to report the goings on during their current Legacy Tour, which also features Periphery, Veil of Maya and Revocation.

The band is about 11 days into the tour, and this week drummer Ryan Parrish revealed that Tuesday's show was canceled because of a snowstorm in Salt Lake City. Parrish said he planned to lay around, among other more involved activities, on this rare day off. "We'll all look at each other, do a lot of driving, play video games. If it snows a whole bunch where we are, we'll probably be making snow angels. We'll have a snowball fight and tell you about it next week."

The Legacy Tour is special for Darkest Hour because it celebrates their discography, which spans 15 years. "We are playing a couple songs from every album," Parrish said. "It'll be some 'hits,' some B-sides, and we'll be playing songs for the fans and for us. It's us doing what we want to do."

The next Darkest Hour album, 'Human Romance,' is due out in February, but they won't be premiering any new songs live. However, they did offer a VIP ticket package. Fans who purchased tickets in advance are provided the opportunity to hang out with the band and hear new songs before the show. "Besides being tons of fun, we're normal guys and we don't have egos," Parrish said about why Darkest Hour are fun to chill with. "We're just normal dudes who hang out."