Dark Tranquility

In the '00s, Dark Tranquility were often name-checked by newer bands as an influence, as were many of their fellow Swedish brethren. That fact somewhat blows the mind of vocalist Mikael Stanne, who admits that it is a very Scandinavian quality to have difficulty accepting complements.

"It's always kind of weird," Stanne told Noisecreep. "People say they are influenced by us and I know how I feel about bands I am influenced by, so when someone does that to me, it feels weird. I have a hard time wrapping my head around it. It's very hard for me. I get it, because I am exactly that guy sometimes, but at the same time, I don't deal with complements very well. Most Scandinavian people don't!"

For the new album, 'We Are the Void,' the band hasn't strayed too far from the Swedish, melodic metal path they've forged for nearly two decades. Stanne said, "There is familiar sound, but we went further and some of the songs are further away from our regular Dark Tranquility sound. There is so much variety going on. For us, it feels like a new beginning. We left 20 years behind, and we are looking ahead to the next 20. We have a newer lineup, so there is a new energy and it was so much fun to write for this album. We felt confident and inspired writing it. At first, it was all over the place, but it works and fits together. I can't wait for it to be released."

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