It's been a while, 2009 to be exact, since fans were last treated to a new Dark Funeral album. The Norwegian black metal outfit battled through multiple lineup changes and with everything being solidified since 2014, they are set to make their return with their sixth full length offering, Where Shadows Forever Reign, out June 3 on Century Media.

Acknowledging the drought between albums, leader Lord Ahriman states, "Wow, did six years pass already? Time surely flies fast! But you know what, we're back! Dark Funeral is back! And in true Dark Funeral spirit, like so many times in the past, we continue to push all boundaries musically & bring black metal into a new, fresh & dark dimension."

Discussing the band has raised the bar for themselves. He went on, "This is by far our most professional, technical, dynamic & epic album thus far. And compared to previous albums, each new song offers a unique spirit & identity that is more profound than ever. And whether you like extreme black metal or not, I'm sure every fan of metal will find songs on this album that they can enjoy to its fullest!"

The artwork was created by the illustrious Necrolord, whom the band first tapped in 1996 for their debut record, The Secrets of the Black Arts. His monochromatic style has graced the covers of a multitude of metal acts over the decades, including Dissection, At the Gates, Bathory and dozens more.

Where Shadows Forever Reign will be the first disc since the debut not to feature Emperor Magus Caligula at the vocal helm. His replacement, Heljarmadr, was first heard when Dark Funeral released the "Nail Them to the Cross" single last year and he retains the same high, throaty rasp his predecessor employed.

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