Mother!!!! Audio of alt country crooner Ryan Adams delivering a killer rendition of Danzig's "Mother" is circulating. Adams has apparently been offering up his version during encores at European shows and the Paris edition is available for your listening enjoyment. Before you scoff about a non-metal artist covering the 'Zig, take a listen. It's fucking awesome and Adams puts his stamp on the song. It proves what a good songwriter that New Jersey boy born Glenn Anzalone really is, since the song lends itself to such malleability. [YouTube]

Those lords o' chaos in Dark Funeral have signed to Century Media for a three album deal. Guitarist and founding member Lord Ahriman expressed his happiness about the deal, so yes, a grim and kvlt black metal band can express something other than anger or a scowl. He stated, "Our bad luck with labels in the past has for sure been very frustrating. So it is with great pleasure to finally be able to turn the page, move on and start a new dark chapter in the Dark Funeral saga, as we join the great Century Media family. Century Media has more than enough proven to be a stable and highly professional label. And we are totally looking forward to this new cooperation, which I'm sure will prove to be very satisfying and successful for both parts. Hail the goat!" The band will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2013 with the new album In the Sign of the Horns. [Via Century Media Press Release]

Watch Dark Funeral's "My Funeral" Video

Ex-Saigon Kick guitarist/vocalist Jason Bieler shared two songs from his new project Owl Stretching. You can check out "Satellite," which is utterly cinematic. If you've not kept tabs on Bieler, in addition to Owl Stretching, he is a successful producer of bands like Skindred, SikTh and Nonpoint. He deems Owl Stretching a "lunatics running the asylum" situation, saying, "Saigon was always penalized for being way too diverse, at the time the industry couldn't fit us in any of their nice little marketing compartments. So learning life lessons from that I have created an even more musically diverse endeavor. Owl Stretching has created its own perfect world, no rules or structure and certainly no plans beyond today. " Listen up! [Soundcloud]

3 Inches of Blood pay tribute to the late Ronnie James Dio with their lyric video for "Look Out." Vocalist Cam Pipes explained, "It was hard to find the right words for a song honoring Ronnie James Dio, but I hope it is regarded as a fitting tribute to a legendary figure. His impact on the metal community will last forever, and though he may have been small in stature, his contribution to the music scene is larger than most will ever achieve." [Century Media Press Release]

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