Cruel Hand

Cruel Hand's 'Lock and Key' isn't coming out via Bridge 9 Records until July 27, but Noisecreep is beyond stoked to exclusively premiere 'Broken Glass,' which is more of a blast than it is a song -- but it certainly gets the point across with its fast and furious energy. The song is alternately gruff and moshy, and if you dig bands like Madball and Sick of It All, then this song will tickle your ear drums.

"At 1:25, 'Broken Glass' is the shortest song on the record," vocalist Chris Linkovich told Noisecreep. "It may be similar in the length to a song that may have appeared on 'Prying Eyes,' but due to riffs, vocal delivery and music in general, it belongs on 'Lock and Key.' It combines that roots hardcore sound that defined us with a darker, almost old-school death metal vibe. When we play live, definitely be expecting to hear this song along with a lot more songs off 'Lock and Key.'"

Listen to 'Broken Glass'

'Lock and Key' is available for pre-order. You can also check out this fun, five-minute clip that's essentially five minutes in the life of Cruel Hand, who hail from Maine.

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