Killer Lyrics: Like a dog beat one too many times / You start to bite back / Sink your teeth in the hands of the weak / Vengeance you seek

Maine hardcore band Cruel Hand released 'Lock & Key,' their third full-length, on the long-running, Boston-based label Bridge Nine Records. The second track, aptly titled 'Cruel Hand,' hits hard with the band's signature guitar riffs and pummeling, punk rock-inspired drumming.

It's not common for a band to use their name as a song title, so special attention should be paid to the song lyrics, as they are probably connected to the outlook of the band itself.

Vocalist Chris Linkovich talked about the album's lyrics in the band's bio: "As far as lyrics, I reached my goal of working with a lot of different subject matters and also using a little bit of melody with different vocal patterns and delivery," he said. "The record is ill and we listen to it every day."

To support 'Lock & Key,' Cruel hand will embark on a nationwide tour starting in August with Bane and Trapped Under Ice.

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