When asked if anyone got frostbite from filming this video, Jarrod Christman, guitar player for Corpus Christi told Noisecreep, "I don't think anyone's feet thawed out for a few days." It'd take more than a few frozen limbs to keep these guys from shooting the video for 'Fight for Your King,' which was filmed at the abandoned Chippewa Lake amusement park, near Medina, Ohio.

"It was a really rad and really creepy place," said Christman. "It was only fitting that a low budget horror film had been shot there the previous summer. The grounds supervisor was this super-hilljack on a 4-wheeler, who was supposed to be ferrying people from where we parked to the shoot, disappeared after about an hour. No one saw him the rest of the day, and it became the running joke that Ol' Rick Bud, was gonna jump out from one of the buildings with an axe and down all of us."

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