Bruce Moore Writes Book Chronicling Extreme Christian Metal
Heavy metal has long enjoyed a relationship with the left-hand path, the dark side, the underworld and Satan himself. Then there's the whole other side of the equation, which is the extreme Christian metal scene. Author Bruce Moore has chronicled the genesis and growth of the scene and has written a book called 'Metal Missionaries: The Assimilation of Extreme Christian Metal Into the Mainstream Co
Corpus Christi’s Jarrod Christman Is Also a Personal Trainer
Corpus Christi’s Jarrod Christman Is Also a Personal Trainer
Jarrod Christman, guitarist of Corpus Christi, may be a good Christian boy from Ohio, but he can still whoop your butt. But not because he's a particularly violent person, it's just his day job; he doubles as a personal trainer. Since not everyone can afford their own customized exercise guru to literally whip them into shape in these trying economic times, Christman was willing to share some trad
Corpus Christi – ‘Fight for Your King’ Video
When asked if anyone got frostbite from filming this video, Jarrod Christman, guitar player for Corpus Christi told Noisecreep, "I don't think anyone's feet thawed out for a few days." It'd take more than a few frozen limbs to keep these guys from shooting the video for 'Fight for Your King,' which was filmed at the abandoned Chippewa Lake amusement park, near Medina, Ohio...