Jarrod Christman, guitarist of Corpus Christi, may be a good Christian boy from Ohio, but he can still whoop your butt. But not because he's a particularly violent person, it's just his day job; he doubles as a personal trainer. Since not everyone can afford their own customized exercise guru to literally whip them into shape in these trying economic times, Christman was willing to share some trade secrets with Noisecreep.

Get active. "Drive less, walk more or bicycle more. Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator."

Be consistent. "Exercising for two weeks only to quit does no good. I tell my clients all the time, 'Rome wasn't built in a day' and you're not going to change yourself completely with just a few workouts. Keep working at it."

Get a gym membership. "If you have to pay for something, chances are, you'll be more likely to use it. If you need help, a lot of gyms have a staff of professional trainers that can set you up with a basic workout plan for free."

Exercise within your limits. "If you're a novice, don't read the latest Mr. Olympia workout in Muscle and Fitness and think that's the workout for you. It's not. Start with the basics.

Change it up. "If you've done the same exercise plan for more than six weeks, your body has already adapted. Change it up. Your body adapts to exercise stimulus within four to six weeks.; meaning that if you've exercised and saw a lot of results in the first month and then noticed the results tapering off, it's time for a shake up."

Corpus Christi's debut album, 'The Darker Shades of White,' is out now and it's as feral as a pack of cats running amok, tempered by a bit of metalcore melodicism. Christman will be keeping in shape this summer by knuckling down on his guitar on the 'Scream the Prayer' Tour with Haste the Day, The Chariot and Project 86 which starts today in Louisville, Ky.

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