To many a metal fan, Richard Christy is a 'Howard Stern Show' lackey and Jason Suecof is listed as the producer on a panoply of metal albums that they love. For Tim 'Ripper' Owens -- who sings in the band Charred Walls of the Damned, where Christy plays drums and Suecof shreds on guitar -- they are a goofy and talented pair.

"Metal fans see Suecof's name on a record and hear what he has done and know his name, but most don't know he is in a wheelchair unless they read articles or hear how great of a guitar player is," Owens told Noisecreep. "It's just amazing."

As for Christy, he is most famous for his prank calls to tradio, his faux gay antics with fellow sidekick Sal Governale and attempts at stand up comedy. He is also noted for his hygiene, or lack thereof, which Stern and his co-workers constantly call him out for. But Owens says that Christy is much more complex than that.

"Richard is really tame and really a normal guy compared to Suecof, who is out of control and always going! He is a strange, goofy, amazing guy. He is talented and he has the strange sense of humor, but everyone thinks they know Richard but they don't. He isn't an alcoholic, as it sometimes appears on the Stern show. He drinks mimosas, or 'manmosas' as he calls them. Fans that see him have the same comments. They tell him to use soap and not to drink, but his work is different in the band than what he does on the show. He is talented. He could be a sitcom writer."

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