Charred Walls of the Damned drummer Richard Christy has the world's best day job on Sirius Satellite radio's 'The Howard Stern Show.' While Stern takes the next two weeks off -- which sucks for avid fans like myself -- Christy is taking advantage of the free time to go on tour with CWOTD.

"We are headlining for nine shows, and for one of them, we are opening for Dream Theater," Christy, who admitted he reads Noisecreep every day, told Noisecreep. "The rest are headlining and we are touring with Don Jamieson from 'That Metal Show.' It'll be fun to have a metal comedian come out with us and do something different, rather than get another band to open. Don will do comedy before us, and we'll play an hour and a half. There will also be some local metal bands. It's a short run."

Christy said that it has been six years since his last road trip, saying, "I am pumped. Since I joined Stern in 2004, the last tour I did was with Iced Earth."

While the drummer built the tour around being off from his killer, kick-ass day job, the busy schedule of CWOTD producer Jason Suecof prevented him from joining the tour. "He is booked up with his studio down in Florida, so he can't do it," Christy said. "[Bassist] Steve [DiGiorgio] is with Obituary, and he had been booked, too, so we are having the guys from [singer] Tim's band Beyond Fear playing with us. They are amazing musicians and I am psyched. In the future, we hope to have Steve and Jason along with us."

Christy, a budding stand-up comic in the Stern universe, isn't going to treat fans to jokes on this tour. "I am going to stay behind the drums on this one and concentrate. I will let Don handle the comedy," Christy said. "Don said he has some jokes about me, so the crowd will love it. Everyone in the metal scene knows him from 'That Metal Show,' so people will love it. It will be different. I don't know of a metal band that went on tour with a comedian."

CWOTD are also kicking it old school, hitting the road in a van. "We'll be lugging our equipment, like the good old days. I am going to lose a few pounds, especially if the van doesn't have air conditioning. I have my fingers crossed," Christy said. "You reminded me, I need to call our tour manager remind him to get air conditioning! "

The band will have vinyl copies of their self-titled debut, new T-shirts and are selling VIP ticket packages so die-hards can meet the band beforehand and bring anything they want to get signed. Christy also has brand new drumsticks, featuring full-color artwork of the album cover.

And for all you Stern fans, we had to ask Christy if he thinks his boss will pack it in at the end of his contract like he sometimes hints at. "I love my job and I hope I get to stay. I hope he doesn't go off the air," Christy said.

Charred Walls of the Damned Tour Dates:

7/1 -- Chicago, IL -- Empty Bottle

7/2 -- Detroit, MI -- Harpos

7/3 -- Montreal, QC -- Les Foufounes Electriques

7/4 -- Toronto, ON -- Opera House

7/6 -- Cleveland, OH -- Peabodys Downunder

7/7 -- Pittsburgh, PA -- Diesel

7/8 -- New York, NY -- Gramercy

7/9 -- West Chester, PA -- The Note

7/10 -- Worcester, MA -- The Palladium

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