Who needs MTV when you've got MBTV! That's right, Metal Blade Records has launched Metal Blade TV. While you can barely find a music video on 'Music Television' nowadays amidst cultural cesspools like 'Jersey Shore' and hormone orgies like 'The Real World,' Metal Blade TV exists to spread the gospel of metal in the visual medium. The content-driven channel will be a central destination for metalheads to watch video interviews and assorted segments featuring -- but not limited to -- the label's artists as well as other prominent metal bands.

Metal Blade CEO Brian Slagel said in a statement, "We want to take you behind the scenes and see all the bands in a different way. Also there will be a lot of rare live video clips, too!" This rare footage Slagel alludes to is from his own personal vault, which spans over 30 years. So if you missed some of this footage on the first go-round or simply weren't born at the time, you can do your heavy metal homework now.

Indeed, Metal Blade TV will be more like the metal History Channel than anything else! Tune in and watch Armored Saint's John Bush and Joey Vera as they prepare some culinary delights or Charred Walls of the Damned's Richard Christy as he appears on Eddie Trunk's syndicated radio show. There's even content from the Metal Blade holiday party. Be sure and bookmark this site.

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