New Jersey's Chambers know how to make their musical points efficiently and effectively, and that's why Noisecreep is pleased to present this new track, 'Ripper,' which appears on their debut, 'Old Love,' which will be released digitally on June 22. Yes, every time we see the word 'Ripper,' we think of Tim 'Ripper' Owens, late of Judas Priest and Iced Earth, but despite sharing its name with an iconic metal vocalist, this 'Ripper' is a two-minute-and-17-second blast that will mess with your equilibrium and leave you totally exhausted, thanks to the way that band distilled a bunch of piss and vinegar into an angry, raw, punk-meets-metal rager. It's got an almost garage rock vibe, but it's slathered with punk rock's snotty, snarling intensity and metal's blaring volume.

"'Ripper' is a personal song but it embodies the spirit of our band," vocalist Dan Pelic told Noisecreep. "We don't try to fit in or follow trends, but it's working for us. The only thing worse than conformity is trendy non-conformity. There is a lot of that in punk, hardcore and metal and we don't want any part in it. That's what 'Ripper' is about: being oneself at any cost."

Listen to 'Ripper'

Non-conformity may be the new conformity, but this song slays! Let her rip with 'Ripper.'

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