Band: Burn Your World

From: Winnipeg, Canada

Song: "War" off the upcoming Vicious Intent 7"

RIYL: Hatebreed, Madball, Terror

About the track:

"This song is written as a war cry in the face of those who violently oppress, those who attempt to stomp out the flame of free thought, inquiry, and speech. This theme is reflected throughout the record, which, in part, deals with the battle between religious fundamentalism and western secular values, but not in a way that is anti-religious.

The controversy surrounding Salman Rushdie's The Satanic Verses was an inspiration for the record. Rushdie wrote a fictional book, and it came across as offensive to Islamic leaders. A bounty was offered for Rushdie's death. Many Muslims felt as if it was their responsibility to make this happen because of the Fatwa, their religious convictions and the controversy surrounding the fictional book. There is a quote by Rushdie in response to the controversy; 'What is freedom? Without the freedom to offend, it does not exist.' The freedom of speech is completely fundamental for the exchange of ideas. Knowledge will overcome ignorance.

For this song, and the rest of Vicious Intent, we pursued a more real, less digital sound. The lyrical content comes from a very real place, and we feel that a genuine sound compliments that vision." - Burn Your World guitarist James Hofer

Vicious Intent arrives in stores on Aug. 13 via Escapist Records. Here is the official track listing:

1. "War"

2. "Six Feet"

3. "Open Mind"

4. "Like Broken Glass" (Crowbar cover)

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