Before he even released any of his own music, Nader Sadek made his mark on the international metal scene. The Egyptian artist's sculptures and masks made out of petroleum-based silicone sculptures, resembling freshly wounded skin, complete with bruises and swellings, were used by the likes of Mayhem and Sunn 0))).

In 2011, Sader teamed up with current and former members of Cryptopsy, Morbid Angel and others, to create In the Flesh, a thrilling album featuring death metal of the highest order. A visual artist joining forces with a crew of talented musicians could have been one of those high art concepts that fell flat on its face, but it worked.

Later in 2011, Sadek invited some of the musicians from the album, plus current and past members of Aura Noir, Behemoth, Mayhem and Vader, among others, for his first ­and last live appearance for the In the Flesh material at the famed Santos Party House in New York City.

The performance was captured for Living Flesh, a new live LP + DVD which is streaming and available now at this link. On April 22, Sadek's self-extracted human leather bound LP exhibit will be unveiled at Santos Party House. The event will also include a live screening of the surgical procedure that took place in the making of the "Living Flesh" installment.

Definitely one of the more exciting projects we've come across here in Noisecreep land, we've got our hands on an exclusive video of Sadek creating the cover for Living Flesh.


Watch The Making of Living Flesh
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Living Flesh is available for sale now at this link.

Sadek's work is also on display at Philadelphia's Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of Pennsylvania until July 28th. The exhibit features masks worn by Attila Cshiar during his performances with Sunn O))) and Mayhem. The masks were designed and fabricated by Nader Sadek in his NYC studio in 2007. Visit the gallery's website for more information here.