Earlier this month, metal geeks across the land invaded book stores to pick up copies of The Merciless Book of Metal Lists. A love letter to the sound, vision and spirit of heavy metal, the 208-page book features countdowns featuring everything from essential albums and songs to lighthearted lists even the most hardened purist would laugh out loud to.

Written by NYC music scene veterans Howie Abrams and Sacha Jenkins, The Merciless Book of Metal Lists even honored Noisecreep by including us on their 'Best Metal Blogs' list. We've got cred, folks!

The book also features the likes of Scott Ian (Anthrax), Max Cavalera (Soulfly) and Gary Holt (Exodus) offering up their own lists. Slayer's Kerry King and Down's Phil Anselmo provide the foreword and afterword, respectively.

Noisecreep just got a cool video of Metal Blade CEO and founder Brian Slagel reading a list from the book of the best 20 metal zines of all time.

Watch Brian Slagel Read from The Merciless Book of Metal Lists Book

The Merciless Book of Metal Lists is out now and available for a low price on Amazon. If you live in the NYC area, you should head down tomorrow night (April 18) to Idle Hands Bar (25 Ave. B) where the book's authors will be having its official release party. Check out the flyer below!

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