Maniacal Brutal Truth drummer Richard Hoak will release a digital-only album recorded between 1996 and 1999. 'The Caveman/R. Hoak' split features 38 minutes of tribal beats mixed with free-form jazz-metal freak outs that will like appeal to fans of Crash Worship and Naked City. The CD is available now on

The Caveman tracks feature tribal beats, grunts and howls that gel in a ferocious primal ooze. Brutal Truth bassist Dan Lilker (ex-Nuclear Assault) adds vocals to the track 'Man Vs. Dinosaur.' The R. Hoak tracks are more experimental and free-form, combining tumbling, overdriven drums with flailing sax and abrasive noise.

In other Brutal Truth news, the band has just reissued its 1992 Colin Richardson-produced 'Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Reponses' on vinyl and CD. The release features 20 bonus tracks, some of which are previously unreleased, the others of which are taken from the 'Perpetual Conversion' EP and the 'Ill Neglect' seven-inch.

Last year, Brutal Truth released the album 'Evolution Through Revolution' and the DVD 'For the Ugly and Unwanted -- This Is Grindcore."

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