You either love or hate Bring Me the Horizon; there seems to be no in-between concerning the British metalcore act. Extreme adoration and extreme hatred bring a great consequence, and toll on the psyche, which is the focus of this first tour video.

Avoiding the normal road vids highlighting performance cuts and pre-show smiles, frontman Oliver Sykes is asked about the deep reactions to the influential band. "I have even started to get s--- from myself," he admits, head sunk low.

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The band's newest offering, 'There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret,' was released earlier this month. Living up to and topping 2008's 'Suicide Season' could not have been an easy feat, which makes honest and telling portrayals from Sykes more of a light to the album's complex cacophony of melody than any live performance ever could.

Stay tuned for another tour video from Bring Me the Horizon next Tuesday.

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