Bring Me the Horizon vocalist Oli Sykes offered an update about the onstage attack that unfolded on Monday, Oct. 3rd in Salt Lake City while the U.K. band was on tour. The initial report indicated that a bunch of fans reportedly attacked Sykes when he came incensed that bottles and other items were being thrown by attendees. He even encouraged the throwers to come onstage and address him face to face! Some fans took the invite seriously and came onstage and attacked him, or at least attempted to. He insists in a blog posting that he was not harmed.

On his blog, Sykes said no one in the band was injured. He also said that the band stopped the show when someone's head was getting stomped on. A female fan had her jaw broken during the melee, as well.

Here's what Oli had to say: "Just to clear up any rumours. Nothing happened last night apart from a bunch of soft lads stomped on a kid's head 5 seconds into our set, so we stopped playing, had a bit of a banter with them telling them to do one, then some fatty gets on stage tries to hit me, in which he completely fails, misses and falls over and then gets sparked out by someone in our touring party.

"The 'crew' then responded by running around the venue, breaking a very young girl's jaw and stamping on her, and injuring a few more of our young fans. Not a member in Bring Me The Horizon or any of our touring party got so much as a scratch. F---ing mongs eh? What can you do?"

Watch Bring Me the Horizon Get Attacked on Stage