Bring Me the Horizon drummer Matt Nicholls has broken his arm midway through the band's UK tour. The metalcore drummer suffered the injury while playing a game of pickup soccer on April 11th, and thus has been forced to temporarily leave the band for the remainder of their tour.

Fellow UK musician Dan Searle, of Architects, has been drafted to cover for Nicholls while he nurses his injury at home. Bring Me the Horizon played their first show with Searle behind the drum throne on Wednesday, April 27th, at a show in Southampton, England.

In a post on his personal Twitter page, Searle wrote, "Nicholls broke his arm and I just had to learn Bring Me the Horizon's set in an hour and play it to 2,000 people. Sorry if it wasn't spot on if anyone saw!"

Bring Me the Horizon's current tour comes to a conclusion at the end of May. The group will be making appearances at this summer's Download Festival, as well as the Reading and Leeds festivals in the UK. Their latest album, 'There Is a Hell, Believe Me I've Seen It. There Is a Heaven, Let's Keep It a Secret,' was released in October 2010.

Watch a video of Bring Me the Horizon on tour

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