Usually, the toughest thing a rock band has to contend with in Salt Lake City, Utah, is a lack of alcohol. Last night (Oct. 3), British metalcore quintet Bring Me the Horizon found themselves facing something arguably worse: violent hecklers.

As a fan-shot YouTube video (after the jump) shows, Monday's fracas began after singer Oliver Sykes splashed water on a group of audience members who had thrown things at the band. He also took to the microphone and made a suggestion that seems rather sensible.

"If you don't like our f----- band, then go home," he said.

Maybe it was the way Sykes said it -- some of the profanities are hard to make out -- that led to what happened next. As the video shows, several hecklers rushed the stage, while others picked fights in the crowd. On the comments section for the YouTube video below, some users have speculated that the brawl's instigators were straight-edge kids lashing out against those who don't share their anti-drug, anti-alcohol beliefs. Other insist straight-edge kids weren't behind the melee.

Regardless, the band escaped injury -- though one of the guitarists reportedly whacked someone with his instrument -- and returned to the stage to play an abbreviated set.

Watch Bring Me the Horizon Get Attacked on Stage