Fresh from the Reading Festival in Reading, England, British metalcore sensations Bring Me the Horizon just kicked off their headlining American tour which also includes Deez Nuts, Parkway Drive, Architects UK and Of Legends.

Noisecreep caught the band's second tour stop, which took place at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles on September 2nd.

A packed house erupted when Bring Me the Horizon took the stage at about 9:30PM. The group delivered a trademark ferocious performance that featured several cuts off their latest album, 'There is a Hell Believe Me I've Seen It. There is a Heaven Let's Keep It a Secret.'

Bring Me the Horizon drummer Matt Nicholls chatted with Noisecreep after the band's LA set.

He told Noisecreep that he's been impressed so far with the reaction to their latest record. "It's a little bit different sound for us but what's good is the kids are still going mental over it, wherever we play. We're very pleased with the reaction because we worked very hard on this album. It's amazing how quickly they start getting the words own and singing along. We love that."

Charles Epting

In April, Nicholls broke his arm in a football match with members of his band, Architects UK and Parkway Drive. The Architects UK drummer saved the tour they were all on by subbing for Nicholls. Is he fully healed? "Pretty much," Nicholls laughed. "That was a real lesson for me, I mean, I'm a drummer, so I've really got to be careful. What Dan Searle did for me by filling in was really wonderful. He pretty much allowed that tour to go on so I'm very grateful for that. We all were."

The American tour continues through early October at which point Bring Me the Horizon heads to South America for a series of dates and then to Europe for a run of November. Check out all of the band's tour dates at this link.

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