Former Boysetsfire singer Nathan Gray has taken a musical left turn with the Casting Out. Gray's new band doesn't have a lot in common with the much-loved, politically-charged BSF, who played their final show in June 2007, despite breaking up a year prior.

"Well, I guess BSF was technically a hardcore-based band, and the Casting Out are more a rock/melodic punk-based band," Gray told Noisecreep regarding the main differences between the two bands. "It's hard to step back, and really pick out the differences for me, but it's definitely different."

While former BSF guitarist Josh Latshaw helped Gray start the band, there are no other members of BSF in the Casting Out now. "Josh hasn't been playing with us for years. It's just little ol' me," Gray said. Currently the Casting Out, whom Gray admits are influenced by Jawbreaker and Foo Fighters, are touring and playing shows for their new album, which will be released by Eyeball Records. "At the moment, you can only get the album by coming to our shows," Gray said. "We are also in the process of training a new bass player."

Next month, The Casting Out will tour with Samiam and will play East Coast dates in NYC, New Jersey and Philly before heading to Europe. A January tour of the East Coast is also planned, and Gray said he hopes to start writing a new album while touring and playing out.

As for that massive pink elephant in the room – you know, a Boysetsfire reunion? Gray teased a little bit, saying, "It is being talked about. Don't know exactly when, where, or for how long. But it is being discussed. I believe that next year, it will actually be five years since we broke up."