Boysetsfire played their supposedly final show ever at the Trocadero Theater in Philadelphia in June 2007. The politically-charged post-hardcore band had simply run its course, having schooled many a metalhead and punk fan since releasing their first album in 1997. After the band's breakup, vocalist Nathan Gray moved on to the much less aggro project The Casting Out.

Almost exactly four years later, Boysetsfire played a reunion show on that very same Trocadero stage. On Thursday, June 2nd, the band played a mixed bag of songs from their late-period album 'Tomorrow Come Today,' as well as several tracks from 'After the Eulogy,' arguably their best effort. They skipped over most of 'The Day the Sun Went Out,' aside from a run-through of the beloved 'In Hope.' Surprisingly, they also covered 'Electioneering' from Radiohead's 'OK Computer' album.

Sure, the guys in the band are older now and most of the fans at this Thursday night show had to go to work the next day, but the youthful energy at the core of Boysetsfire's music remained fully intact. It was refreshing to see the band perform songs like 'After the Eulogy,' 'Rookie,' and 'My Life in Knife Trade' with the same vigor and zeal that defined them over a decade ago.

Watch Boysetsfire cover Radiohead's 'Electioneering'

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