Just a few weeks after talking to Noisecreep about his post-Boysetsfire project the Casting Out, vocalist Nathan Gray revealed a lot of information -- including what sounds like a Boysetsfire reunion -- via Facebook.

"We were never a normal band. We never did the right things," said on the social networking site. "We never looked cool. We did everything exactly the way we wanted. Trends weren't important. Being hip wasn't important. There were only two things that were important and sacrosanct; the friendship between the five members of this band, and people who we touched with our music. ... I think we underestimated how much we would miss it. The communion, the intensity, the genuine outpouring of emotion -- it just doesn't exist for us without [Boysetsfire]."

The statement continued, "So we are going to start playing together again. ... All we know now is that BoySetsFire is playing in Berlin on December 5, 2010." The band played it's final show in Philadelphia in June 2007. So it was a three-year hiatus of sorts.

Gray also revealed that he and BSF guitarist Chad Istvan would be working on a new project, "a more laid back endeavor." The project is nameless as of now, but Gray encouraged fans to look for a digital EP in December or January with three originals and a cover of Bad Religion's 'Don't Pray on Me.'

He is also starting another band, New Recruits, with BSF bassist Robert Ehrenbrand and a few other German friends. Gray warned that it will be a pretty big departure from any of his previous work. An EP and tour dates are expected by next summer.