Noisecreep has partnered with Blue Stahli to premiere, and offer a free download of, the instrumental song "Atom Smasher" from Antisleep Vol. 3, which will be released on Dec. 18. It sounds like music from the score of a summertime, action-packed blockbuster, thanks to its sweeping synths and bold, epic sound.

"'Atom Smasher' is a soundtrack to a nonexistent movie filled to the brim with hyperstylized ultraviolence," Blue Stahli said, offering illumination and elucidation on the track, which works in theory and execution. "Though I typically like doing more vocal material with an angle toward chainsaw guitars, it was a blast to make a cinematic monster built out of pissed off electronics."

But don't just take Blue Stahli's word for it.

Have a listen to the track for yourself and decide if the music is as theatrically and metaphorically violent as suggested. We think you'll agree, but again, decide for yourself by cranking the volume to 11 on this thing. It's ominous, creepy and will haunt your dreams; those are all hallmarks of a quality hard rock and industrial aggro song, which is exactly what "Atom Smasher" is.

Listen to 'Atom Smasher'

Download 'Atom Smasher' for Free

The track also further blurs the line between EDM and metal. You'll find this song proves the genres are not exactly strange bedfellows.

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