Power metal mavens Blind Guardian will release their next album, 'At the Edge of Time,' in late summer or early fall. It'll be the German band's first album since 2006, and it follows up 'A Twist in the Myth.' Blind Guardian are known for doing everything in a larger-than-life, room-filling fashion -- and for carefully crafting galloping metal madrigals that could have been birthed expressly for King Arthur's court. And you can rest assured, 'At the Edge of Time' will not divert from that chosen path.

"More than 20 years of Blind Guardian are combined into one CD," guitarist Marcus Siepen told Noisecreep. "Check out our new album and listen to everything this band stands for. If you don't know us yet, this is the album to go for." Given the Teutonic band's history, the band must really be proud of their latest efforts.

Also, in a statement, vocalist Hansi Kürsch admitted "this will be our most bombastic and epic album so far. Whether there will be eight or nine songs on the album, I do not know ... but each and every song has a completely different approach in comparison to each other and one complements the other in a perfect way." There's a lot of bombast in the Blind Guardian catalog, so this one should cause your kitchen table to spontaneously combust.

But you don't have to take the band's word for it. You can hear a 30-second clip of the song 'A Voice in the Dark.' It certainly teases and pleases.

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