Heavy Metal Beach Party Songs
Every August, the lakefronts and shorelines of America swell to the bursting point with sun-crazed vacationeers, plenty of them in black T-shirts. Unfortunately, for some reason the default soundtrack at beaches everywhere seems to be a washed-up flotsam of brain-dead pop hits, lame Jimmy Buffett songs, and useless reggae ...
Blind Guardian, ‘At the Edge of Time’ — New Album
Power metal mavens Blind Guardian will release their next album, 'At the Edge of Time,' in late summer or early fall. It'll be the German band's first album since 2006, and it follows up 'A Twist in the Myth.' Blind Guardian are known for doing everything in a larger-than-life, room-filling fashion -- and for carefully crafting galloping metal madrigals that could have been birthed expressly for K
Top 10 High-Pitch Metal Singers
The high pitch scream is as synonymous with heavy metal as Dio's "metal horns." Throughout the 80s, approximately two out of five metal bands employed a singer who rocked the high-pitched delivery and wasn't afraid to use it. The next decade was especially rough for acts who favored this singing style...