Every time power metal starts to get a bit stale, a band like Solar Fragment comes along and gives the entire genre a kick in its rear end. Led by a gifted vocalist named Robert Leger, the European combo's dynamic songwriting recalls the best work of Symphony X and Sonata Arctica. Manuel Wiegmann and Marc Peters' double guitar assault also adds a refreshing combination of melody and bite to the band's sound.

On April 19th, Solar Fragment will release, 'In Our Hands,' the group's sophomore album. The record's 10 tracks find the power metallers tackling everything from speedy anthems to grandly-paced epics. Noisecreep just got our hands on the exclusive premiere of 'Come Hell or High Water,' a killer track from the new album.

Listen to 'Hell or High Water'

After getting together in 2004, Solar Fragment quickly became one of the German power metal scene's most exciting young acts. Their debut album, 2007's 'A Spark of Deity,' garnered great reviews throughout the world and brought them to the attention of Italian label Scarlet Records. 'In Our Hands' is the first release from the new partnership.

Songs like 'Race the Seas' and 'Homecoming' don't try and divert too far the classic power metal formula, but their infectious qualities makes them a worthwhile addition to your iTunes library. If that weren't already enough, the album also features a guest performance from Blind Guardian vocalist Hansi Kürsch on the barnstorming 'Inside the Circle.' In the power metal scene, you can't get a finer endorsement than that.

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