"It's a song about people judging me and this band saying, 'Oh, you guys are just beer drinking misogynist f---ing douche bags,'" Barn Burner frontman and guitarist Kevin Keegan told Noisecreep about their song 'The Long Arm of the Law.'

"I had some people corner me and tell me I'm not representing the punk community in Montreal properly and s---," Keegan explains. "They think we are these s---ty human beings and not PC enough just because we don't get [on stage] and preach about something."

Listen to 'The Long Arm of the Law'

Unlike any song on the record, 'The Long Arm of the Law' feels like a mocking tease to the stern-mouthed punk kids that accused him by using the strength of power chords -- more than Barn Burner do on any other track on their debut album 'Bangers' -- and harnessing some kind of Black Flag fury in the finger-pointing chorus of wasting time and wasted lives.

Still quite frustrated over the event that sparked the inspiration for the song, Keegan has enjoyed meeting fans that have similar experiences with people he describes as having the same hardline attitude as evangelical Christians.

For a small few, this song has already been heard, as 'Bangers' was released on the local label New Romance for Kids. But now with two new songs and a remastered treatment, the album that got the band signed after three months is going to be fresh to ears all over the world. "I think the album deserved something more," admitted Keegan, still excited over the band's chance to spread the riffs on the album the band worked so long -- and spent so much -- on.

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