Axl Rose, who recently shared a photo of a nasty (and massive) bruise he was nursing on the back of his leg, took a header on Sunday night (May 20) after performing with Guns N' Roses in Liverpool, England. Upon finishing "Paradise City," W. Axl was walking backwards while waving to the crowd when he tripped over something on the stage, landing smack dab on his rump. Check out the video below! [YouTube]

Kyuss Lives! members John Garcia and Brant Bjork have responded to the copyright infringement lawsuit that former Kyuss members Josh Homme and Scott Reeder dropped on their laps for touring as Kyuss Lives! earlier this year. The duo spoke about being blindsided by the suit; the meeting that took place between the parties beforehand; the fact that they never wanted to tour as Kyuss (sans the Lives!); the future of the band; the recent exit of bassist Nick Oliveri, saying he didn't like the inner workings of this project; and more. So much drama.

Garcia poignantly stated, "Win or lose, we believe that the name Kyuss Lives! is worth fighting for, and regardless of the outcome of this foolish lawsuit Josh Homme and Scott Reeder have filed against us, we will continue conducting business as usual and connecting with our amazing loyal fans. It is our God-given right to play any and every Kyuss song anywhere and anyhow we see fit, no matter who wrote what, and we will continue to do so for as long as we are alive. Because of this, we have already won."

Read more for yourself. [Rolling Stone]

Watch Axl Rose Fall on Stage

Rise to Remain are offering the new song "Heartless" as a free download. It is one of four additional tracks to be included on the U.S version of their debut album City of Vultures, which drops June 5. Free music? That's always a plus. Why are you still reading this? Go download it now! [Rise to Remain official site]

Metal mad scientist Devin Townsend will release Buy a Thread – Live in London 2011 on June 19. He has posted a teaser trailer from the DVD, which you can enjoy repeatedly until the DVD drops. [Via Century Media Press Release]

Sacto's Will Haven are working on new music. They were one of the best underground Revelation Bands of the late '90s, that's for sure. The band posted the following update:

"We have been staying busy, we are working on a new will haven record, songs are being worked on and hope to record later at the end of the year, we will be playing at Hevy Fest in England in August which we are pretty excited about. Chris [Fehn] will be heading out with his Slipknot brothers this summer for the Rockstar Mayhem tour in the U.S. In the meantime we have a few side projects that we will be releasing while Chris is on tour. Anthony [Paganelli] has his band Horseneck which has just put out an EP and is playing shows. The other project features Jeff [Irwin], Adrien [Contreras] and Mitch [Wheeler] along with good friend Sean Bivins called Goodbye Black Sky. They will be recording in the next month and shortly after playing some shows. So thats the newest from here, keep an eye out for new music from the Haven boys." [Lambgoat]

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