Slash's wife, Perla Hudson, has decided to speak up about the feud that has erupted between her husband and his former bandmate, Axl Rose. The former Guns N' Roses members have a notorious amount of bad blood between them, but Slash has vowed to say nothing more on the subject.

Apparently his wife has no problem trashing Rose, whom she threw under the bus in a series of comments to Us Weekly.

"I was waiting for something enlightening and all I got was promotion for a show and his evident affinity for a chili burger. Where is the love, Axl? And I stayed up for this? Sex, drugs and chili dogs. Long live Axl Rose. And a Halloween tree," Hudson said, in response to his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

She goes on to list the other bands that Rose has had bad blood with and make fun of his announcement to give away free burgers to the studio audience.

"He's had a Slash, a Buckethead and a Bumblefoot, and evidently way too many Tommy's chili burgers! Hope there were some left for the audience!"

This twenty year feud shows no signs of stopping anytime soon, especially not if wives and girlfriends are going to get involved.

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