Axl Rose gave his first live late night TV interview in 20 years on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' last night (Oct. 24.) He was met with a raging round of applause, since it's such a rare occasion for the Guns N' Roses singer to show up in the flesh, on time and to give an interview. It was a perfect storm of rarities when it comes to Rose. He was funny, compelling and generous, even bringing a burger truck to the studio so he could feed the audience. What a smooth move!

Kimmel even joked that the perpetually late frontman was punctual, since that's not his reputation! That didn't make steam pour out of Rose's ears, either. He even joked, "It's a miracle.

The host seemed over-the-moon about scoring this "big get" of an interview, and even asked why he was the lucky interviewer who was able to finally nail Rose down. "I know you don't do this a lot so I am honored to have you here, so why are you doing this?," Kimmel asked.

Axl stated that he did the interview simply because was asked to.

The singer spoke about the past and moving to Hollywood at the tender age of 19, hitchhiking from Indiana. Kimmel wanted to know how long it took and if he ever wore his codpiece when hopping vehicles. "When I wore the codpiece, I got a ride a little quicker," Rose laughed.

Rose also shared his humble career beginnings in Los Angeles. He worked at now-defunct Tower Video on Sunset. "I became a manager for a very short amount of time. I let everyone have beers after work," he recalled. He also hired his pals and didn't chastise them for being late, either. Sounds like a good boss to us!

The Guns N' Roses icon also spoke about the band's upcoming Las Vegas residency, which kicks off on Halloween. "It will be a challenge, in a different way, to not get in trouble," he said.

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