Some Stranger Things viewers have turned against Metallica in a seeming attempt to "cancel" the veteran metal band after learning more about their past. Metallica got a boost in popularity last month when one of their songs appeared on Stranger Things 4.

Illustrating the latest clash of heavy metal and cancel culture, the Metallica backlash was kicked up last week (Aug. 6) with a video made by TikTok user Serena Trueblood. The influencer hosts a fan series on the social media platform called "Is Your Fav Problematic" that covers many different musical artists.

Watch her latest down toward the bottom of this post.

In light of Trueblood's Metallica installment, some listeners responded with regret for their recent Metallica purchases. They appeared to be some of the same new fans spurred by Stranger Things' use of Metallica's "Master of Puppets" in a crucial scene. On TikTok as well as Twitter, others defended the band. In July, Metallica welcomed their new listeners.

But what is cancel culture? AP News deems the term a "buzzword that creates more confusion than clarity" before describing it as "a mechanism where a chorus of voices, amplified on social media, tries to silence a point of view that they find offensive by trying to damage or destroy the reputation of the person who has given offense." calls it the "practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive."

However it's described, in her video, Trueblood presses Metallica about their past actions caught on photo or video, including when members such as former bassist Jason Newsted appeared to do Nazi salutes onstage. She also shows footage where Metallica seemed to make fun of the death of Kurt Cobain after the Nirvana singer's 1994 suicide. (One includes Megadeth's Dave Mustaine, but he was already out of Metallica at the time.)

Trueblood further claims Metallica singer James Hetfield kept Ice-T's Body Count off a 1992 Metallica tour with Guns N' Roses due to the hip-hop artist's race. She includes a classic MTV News clip suggesting the source of the rumor as Guns N' Roses' Axl Rose.

Naturally, Metallica fans on Twitter reacted in droves to Trueblood's video. One tweet summarized, "The fact metallica welcomed and defended all the new fans that came from the stranger things fandom and they've gone and THROWN IT BACK IN THEIR FACES…"

But another seemed to counter in support of Trueblood's take, saying, "Metallica fans proving they're racist lmao." Yet another replied to the drama, "Search Metallica cancelled… all about racism etc." See more Twitter reactions down under the video.

Plenty in rock and metal have spoken out against cancel culture. They include Disturbed's David Draiman, Twisted Sister's Dee Snider, System of a Down's John DolmayanKISS and Kelly Osbourne. Earlier this year, Sharon Osbourne strove to show hypocrisy within the idea of cancel culture by saying, "If Hitler were alive today, they would give him a TV show."

This month, Metallica wrap up their summer 2022 world tour. Check for concert tickets at this link.

Serena Trueblood, "Is Your Fav Problematic 65: Metallica"

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