Anew Revolution

A New Revolution are finishing up their next effort for E1, due out in Spring 2010. "It's the darkest, most intense album we've written yet," bassist/backing vocalist Frank Salvaggio told Noisecreep. "This is our 'Empire Strikes Back,' Anew Revolution will rise again!"

In addition to being heavier and darker, Salvaggio said, "In this album, we've decided to channel our live vibe into our new music. It's more emotional and lyrically complex. We've been definitely influenced from some of our metal mentors, like Metallica, Anthrax and Slayer. This album is definitely a reflection of the sacrifices and challenges we all face to get through life and aspire for better things."

Salvaggio also admits the band likes to watch Discovery Channel programming among others, because it works their brains and keeps 'em sharp! Salvaggio said, "They keep us crazy musicians sharp, like the show 'Cash Cab' is very informative. History Channel shows like 'Modern Marvels' have gearheads like us always interested and wanting to know what makes this world/universe tick. Food Network shows like 'Unwrapped' are just plain fun and amusing when you're bored in a hotel room on the road."

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