Anew Revolution

It's been two years since Anew Revolution's debut full length 'Rise' was released, but with a new decade comes new things to experience, like the Austin, Texas outfit's new album 'iMERICA,' due to hit stores on May 18. Anew Revolution, which features Slaves on Dope and Unloco alumni, became known almost immediately after their 2004 inception as band of resilience and meaning, and 'iMERICA' doesn't seem to waver from that foundation in any way.

"'iMERICA' is about looking at our -- or your -- history and trying to learn from those mistakes," frontman Joey Duenas commented on the forthcoming sophomore release. "It speaks of the current events and how they affect the people around us, as well as us. Money, addiction, desperation, revolt are all words that come to mind when I think about the songs."

'iMERICA' was produced by Ben Schigel (Walls of Jericho, Chimaira). "Fans are in store for a record that flows with non stop guitar riffs, bleeding guitar solos and chanting lyrics, but still in that 'Anew Revolution' way that they have come to love." Duenas said via press statement adding "I think Ben did a great job at fine-tuning what this band already had growing inside it."

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