Anew Revolution

Anew Revolution will hit the road with Sugar Red Drive on what is being dubbed the Economic Stimulus Tour. It's not just a clever name, either. The band is actually actively creating jobs with their tour. One of the main focuses is to create at least a pair of real jobs the day of the show by hiring part-time workers to help with load-in, set up and local transportation for the bands. Pretty ingenious, huh?

"Both our business teams thought up this tour with the goal of playing cities in America that don't get visited too often and some that have been hard hit by the economic downturn," Anew Revolution bassist Frank Salvaggio told Noisecreep. "So we decided to do our little part by perhaps boosting the local economy in these cities by bringing a show to town, which includes the hiring of a few people per city, getting venues to stay open, hopefully bringing patrons in to spend some money in return and donating some of the proceeds to local charities. Logistically, it's being carefully set up by a team of agents, managers and radio independents that are handling all the important details."

With Anew Revolution, it's about erasing that line between the band and their fans. "Bottom line is that bands like us are working, like the plant worker who lost his job, to survive and take a DIY approach," Salvaggio said. The band will document the experience via a blog in hopes of revealing "the real raw side of what mid-level bands have to endure in order to stay working in this business." Ticket prices will be kept below $10, and Anew Revolution will donate 50 percent of the proceeds to local charitable causes, not national ones.

Anew Revolution's 'iMErica' will be out on May 18.

Anew Revolution Economic Stimulus Tour dates

4/23 -- Hartford, CT -- On The Rocks

4/29 -- Charleston, SC -- Halligans

5/2 -- Gainesville, FL -- Backstage Lounge

5/3 -- Jacksonville, FL -- The Pit

5/4 -- Biloxi, MS -- Thunders Tavern

5/5 -- Jackson, MS -- FIRE

5/6 -- Nashville, TN -- The Muse

5/9 -- Parkersburg, WV -- Inferno

5/11 -- Ft. Wayne, IN -- 4 Dees

5/12 -- Flint, MI -- The Machine Shop

5/13 -- Battle Creek, MI -- Planet Rock

5/14 -- Cincinnati, OH -- Big Eds

5/16 -- Chicago, IL -- Penny Road Pub

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