When the Earache debut of And Hell Followed With gets released on June 29, the blistering voice you'll hear is not the one on stage for the up and coming deathcore act. On the band's most recent tour, it was evident that vocalist Nick Holland was preparing himself to step down. "I could feel it coming by the attitude that was given. It was something that was gonna happen sooner or later, and it happened," guitarist Kyle Mcilmurray told Noisecreep, while the band was en-route to the first date of the 28 Days Latour with Knights of the Abyss.

Luckily the transition time after the announcement wasn't prolonged to prepare new frontman Ryan Caudill (ex-Borland) for tour. "It only took us a couple of weeks," says Mcilmurray. "[Nick Holland] helped us find him and get him ready actually."

Holland's shoes are not easy ones to fill. His range goes past the low muster most band's of the genre tend to just find comfort in -- that cookie monster growl -- with no breathe Holland would jump to a shriek or a melodic tone. But Mcilmurray is excited as he feels Caudill could open up even more doors for the band to experiment due his ear piercing highs. "I think that is going to be a really good weapon in writing the new stuff. His mid level screaming is just as powerful if not more powerful."

But the guitarist admitted the change in voice for And Hell Followed With isn't about just one-upping Holland; he wanted a more positive attitude as Holland's desire to go back to school became a darkening shadow over the outlook of the whole band.

Holland stepping down has been a hard punch to take for Mcilmurray, as the two had been best friends since elementary school, and even sang together in high school choir. "I've gotten past it and realized it was a [much healthier] decision for him and the band," he says. "I'm more happy for him now that he's leaving and getting to what do what he does now."

One thing Holland has left behind for Caudill is the task of putting to voice the conceptual story within 'Proprioception,' that was rooted in true-life instances from his own battles with addiction. Mcilmurray attempted to explain the complex storyline. "In a nutshell, it follows a girl who pretty much goes through the hardships of life and ends up spiraling downward and downward -- nightmares, hallucinations, addiction, death, war. All the things wrong with the world today she experiences and it pulls her apart, piece by piece, limb for limb."

Holland will join the band for an official send off when he returns for their three album release shows in Michigan.

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