Killer Lyrics: Give into violence / Give into the lust / Lie cheat and kill if you must

Glendale, Ariz.'s Knights of the Abyss return with their third full-length album, 'The Culling of Wolves,' on Ferret Music. The metalcore band's newest single from the album, 'Deceiver's Creed,' has some compelling lyrics which were written out of a strange situation many bands face. "It's funny because that was the last song we wrote musically," guitarist Nick Florence told Nosiecreep, "but I had initially wrote those lyrics merely out of boredom on tour maybe over a year ago. When it came time to do the album, our vocalist edited some things, added some lines, took some out, etc."

The lyrics in 'Deceiver's Creed' compliment the rest of the album's, which carry the theme of "the common man rising up against a corrupt and tyrannical hierarchy," as Florence worded it.

"Whether it be government, the church, the education system, etc.," Florence explained. "To simplify things, it could really just be good triumphing over evil, and this song is from 'evil's' perspective. There are more specifics I could get into, but I will let the listeners/readers use their imagination and do their own research. We touch on some factual and relative topics on 'The Culling of Wolves.' You just have to dive into it really. In the end, you can interpret it however you want really, but that's our take on it."

Knights of the Abyss will be touring in the next few months all over the U.S. with bands like Conducting From the Grave and Cattle Decapitation to support 'The Culling of Wolves.'

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